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Welcome to Craig Stein Beverage (CSB), one of the largest beer, wine, spirits, non-alcoholic, and soft drink distributors in the Northwest and Intermountain market areas.

CSB has branch locations in Vancouver, WA, Boise, ID, Ketchum, ID, Twin Falls, ID, Idaho Falls, ID and Ontario, OR.

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As the market leader we conduct business with integrity, partnership, and quality with all of our employees, suppliers, and customers with a commitment to excellence.

We will double our business every seven years through organic growth and acquisition.

We will attract and retain quality employees to build profitable relationships by providing professional growth opportunities, a great work environment and a family atmosphere.

We will create mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers and retailers both on and off premise. We will be collaborative and provide fact based information in order to create profitable relationships through best in class technology, category management, channel management and business consultation.

We will drive added profitability for all stakeholders through operational efficiencies, accurate forecasting, accurate inventory management, accurate orders, accurate pricing, timely merchandising and dependable, on time service.

We will signify corporate citizenship by giving back to the community and recognizing that, as a local business we must be part of the growth and well-being of our communities.


Trust, Employee Equity, Strong Work Ethic, Attitude, Enthusiasm, Proactive, Confidence & Commitment, Pride, Safety


Synergy (Win-Win), Creating Value For All Stakeholders, Respect, Customers, Suppliers


Customer Service, Professionalism, Profit Increase, Business Growth, Professional Identity, Consultant and Partner, Listen, Put Customers First

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CSB Service Areas

CSB is one of the largest Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Natural Beverage distributors in the Northwest and Intermountain market areas.


Boise Metro Area, Sun Valley / Ketchum, Southwestern and Southeastern Idaho

Beer & Cider, Wine, Low-Proof Spirits, Non-Alcoholic


Northeastern Oregon

Beer & Cider, Wine, Non-Alcoholic, Soft Drinks


Vancouver Metro Area

Beer & Cider, Wine, Spirits, Non-Alcoholic


Western Wyoming

Non-Alcoholic and Soft Drinks


They trust us to keep our commitments, to accomplish our agreed upon objectives, and to respond with concern and urgency to any issues or questions that arise.


They trust us to deliver a high quality product, to exceed their expectations for customer service and to respond to all concerns with a sense of urgency. Our customers expect us to conduct business in an ethical manner.


They trust us to bring the best products to market, provide exciting educational opportunities, and ensure a level of quality that they have come to expect from one of the northwest’s premier distributors.

Our Role

The Three-Tier System

Idaho’s independent distributors deliver regulatory, economic and commercial value in the communities where they do business.




Manufacturers or brand contractors who sell to licensed importers, distributors, and control boards.




Importers and distributors who act in cooperation with federal and state governments to sell to licensed retailers.




Liquor stores, bars, restaurants, retail stores and clubs who sell alcohol to those who are of legal age for purchase.

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Honors & Recognition
Superior Service
MillerCoors President’s Award
Merchant du Vin NW Distributor of the Year
Constellation On Premise Leadership
Gallo Mega West On Premise Award
Gallo Leadership Award
Constellation Gold Network Award
Stone Brewing Growth Recognition Award
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