Who is Great Artisan Beverage Co.?

In 2013, Craig Stein Beverage, The Odom Corporation, Marine View Beverage, and Sound Beverage Distributors, Inc. created Great Artisan Beverage Co. to provide seamless sales, marketing, and distribution opportunities to craft and specialty beverages throughout the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.


The network differs from the larger, corporate, wholesaler entities because suppliers maintain independent relationships with each distributor, depending on what their strategic goals/needs are, to build, expand, or just manage their brands, while still capitalizing on conveniences and benefits that you would get from working with a single, large distributor. Each of the partners has dedicated exclusive personnel in their respective territories and the company will be managed and run independently, reporting to a Board of Directors representing the ownership group.


Nick Gagliardi, a veteran in the beverage business and the President of Great Artisan Beverage Co. states,


We have united as one and can now offer a Sales and Marketing platform to build and execute Craft/Specialty brands across one of the most dynamic and critical footprints in the United States.

Dave Mickelson, formerly of Craft Brewers Alliance and a long time Redhook Ale Brewery executive, who will head up the Operations of Great Artisan Beverage Co. stated, “We now have the dedicated ability to pro-actively work with our craft brewery partners to better plan, forecast, and execute our Craft/Specialty Breweries overall objectives.”

Full Coverage Multi-State Distribution:

Great Artisan Beverage Co. represents a seamless portfolio in five states through its owners and additional partners.

More About Great Artisan Beverage Co.More About Great Artisan Beverage Co.


How we interact with our business partners and our team members is a reflection of our attitude. We strive to develop an attitude that conveys the following:


A positive mental attitude. We are proud of our business and of our team. We are excited about the future. This excitement and assurance is vital to our success.


Being proactive is more than taking initiative. It is recognizing that we are responsible for our own choices. We celebrate those in our organization that accept responsibility and make things happen.

Confidence & Commitment:

We are committed to succeeding. We will succeed if we make a commitment, set goals and execute a plan to accomplish those goals. This knowledge and action creates a confident atmosphere within individuals, teams and the organization.


We are proud of our accomplishments of our team. Our teammates understand that intelligent effort and hard work equals success. The journey as well as the destination is a source of pride for all teammates.


Win-Win. Whether a personal or professional relationship, we seek ways to find win-win solutions that benefit all involved. It is not my way or your way, but a third way that is better, our way. Our way is about solving problems, seizing opportunities and working out differences through creative cooperation.