For 9 decades The Odom Corporation (Odom) has proudly served Alaska and the Pacific Northwest markets, while Craig Stein Beverage (CSB) has delivered 32 years of unmatched service to its customers of Idaho and Washington. Two well established private wholesale distribution companies with similar values and beliefs that understand the importance of customers, suppliers, and employee relationships as the foundation of their past success and future growth. Since 2017, Odom and CSB have worked closely together in Western Washington as partners in the NW Beverage (NWB) business.  This opportunity to share business practices and work closely with each other has further entrenched the relationship between the two companies.  As a natural evolution of this partnership, Odom and CSB are actively engaged in developing an arrangement to merge Odom’s Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho business with CSB’s Southern Idaho, Southwest Washington, and Eastern Oregon beer and non-alcoholic businesses. This is an exciting step forward in solidifying the future of these two outstanding family-owned Pacific Northwest companies. The merger will close December 31st, 2022, under the newly created organization of Odom Stein LLC.  Cheers