Dock Sales

Attention Will Call/Dock Sales Customers

Now Offering “Curb-Side” Pick-Up for Kegs at our Boise Location Only


*Temporary Will Call Hours & Procedures*


Tuesday-Friday 10am-2pm


Please follow these important steps for YOUR safety and OURS:


  • Call ahead to confirm inventory, arrival time and to request paperwork: 208-955-7901



  • Required paperwork can be found below, titled CSb Equipment Rental Contract and Receipt of Keg Sale


  • Upon arrival to Will Call, please do NOT enter building. Call 208-955-7901


  • A Will Call Rep will greet you at your vehicle with completed forms, accept your payment via a mobile device (*no cash will be accepted*) and obtain signature on forms


  • Warehouse Rep will bring keg to your vehicle with a pallet and forklift. They will lift the pallet to desired height for loading. *Customer will load keg into vehicle*. Warehouse Rep is not to leave their forklift at any time. *There are no exceptions to this, so please plan accordingly*

Dock Sales – CSB Boise

4719 Market Street
Boise, Idaho 83705

Dock 1A

(located in the back of the building)

Phone: 208-955-7931
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Rental Information


Rental Fee

Deposit Amount

CO2 Unit

Hand Pump

20 lb Bag of Ice

Ice Tubs

Sleeve of Cups

Jockey Box

*Draft Trailer















Keg Information

1/2 Barrel

1/4 Barrel

1/6 Barrel


12 oz Servings

16 oz Servings

Weight Full




161 lbs


12 oz Servings

16 oz Servings

Weight Full




87 lbs


12 oz Servings

16 oz Servings

Weight Full




58 lbs

Additional Information

  • Equipment can only be rented with purchase of product and have a 5 day maximum.
  • Hand pumps are first come first serve and must be reserved 1 week in advance.
  • Deposit forfeited for missing items or items requiring repair upon return.
  • Keg tubs may leak, always use a liner.
  • A copy of your receipt is required when you return your keg and/or equipment.
  • Cider kegs are not available for purchase.