Who is The Odom Corporation?

Operating in five states, The Odom Corporation’s mission is to market and distribute premium beverages for the mutual reward and growth of their customers, suppliers and employees.


The Odom Corporation is a family-owned business that distributes the best in brand-name beverages throughout Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Hawaii. For over 80 years, Odom has built and maintained lasting relationships through the principles of commitment, integrity, quality products, and superior service. They take pride in these traditions and are dedicated to maintaining them for generations to come. Odom was proudly named Market Watch’s 2018 Beer Wholesaler of the Year.


In 2017, The Odom Corporation formed a joint venture with Craig Stein Beverage as CSB purchased Click Wholesale Distributing. With this new partnership between Odom and CSB, Click’s territories and Odom’s Western Washington distribution footprint merged together to create the new beverage wholesaler company of NW Beverages, LLC. This new entity is equally owned by The Odom Corporation and Craig Stein Beverage. NW Beverages, LLC is Odom’s most recent acquisition in its series of significant portfolio expansions over the past two decades.


With these steady accomplishments over the years, Odom has grown and matured into one of the largest privately held companies in the Pacific Northwest and employs a team of over 1,700 talented people across a span of five states. While the corporation has grown considerably, the core operations and values that made Odom an initial success have remained the same. Odom’s divisions and wholly-owned subsidiaries still operate today under the guiding spirit of Milt Odom.

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How we interact with our business partners and our team members is a reflection of our attitude. We strive to develop an attitude that conveys the following:


A positive mental attitude. We are proud of our business and of our team. We are excited about the future. This excitement and assurance is vital to our success.


Being proactive is more than taking initiative. It is recognizing that we are responsible for our own choices. We celebrate those in our organization that accept responsibility and make things happen.

Confidence & Commitment:

We are committed to succeeding. We will succeed if we make a commitment, set goals and execute a plan to accomplish those goals. This knowledge and action creates a confident atmosphere within individuals, teams and the organization.


We are proud of our accomplishments of our team. Our teammates understand that intelligent effort and hard work equals success. The journey as well as the destination is a source of pride for all teammates.


Win-Win. Whether a personal or professional relationship, we seek ways to find win-win solutions that benefit all involved. It is not my way or your way, but a third way that is better, our way. Our way is about solving problems, seizing opportunities and working out differences through creative cooperation.