Knotty Brothers: Wine in a Can

About Knotty Brothers

Founders Kyle and Holly Dunning planted their first crop in 1990 in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The original plan was to grow the grapes under contract with established wineries, and only use small fractions of the harvest for making their own wine. As the vineyard and their two sons, Parker and Brayden (The Knotty Brothers themselves), grew, the family business grew as well.

Years later, once the boys had turned to men and the family had produced exceptional grapes season after season, Kyle and Holly saw an opportunity in an emerging market: canned wine. While wine drinking has traditionally been confined to indoor activities due to the large glass bottles, canned wine opens many opportunities for wine drinkers. This is exactly what the Dunning family wanted to capitalize on, so the Knotty Brothers acquired bottling and canning equipment. After the grueling process of researching market trends, detailing legal aspects, and securing loans, the Dunning family had all the tools for a mobile bottling and canning business. Thus, two new businesses were born: Knotty Brothers Mobile Bottling and Canning and Knotty Brothers Wine.

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Wine in a Can

Wine in a can allows for outdoor lovers to appreciate a sophisticated beverage while enjoying their favorite activity, be it rafting, hiking, camping, or skiing. The Dunning family, being outdoor lovers themselves, jumped into this market and created their first canned wine in 2016.

The Twenty 16 Vintage Pinot Gris begins with grapes grown by the Knotty Brothers on the Dunning family vineyard. Following the grape picking, the grapes are sent to Dobbes Estate to be fermented by vintner Andy McVay, with whom the Dunning’s work closely. Lastly, the Dunning’s work hands on to package their wine at their canning service.

Entering this market is more lucrative now than ever. In 2018, canned wine sales skyrocketed by 69 percent, and experts in the wine industry expect this number to continue to rise. Even in this booming industry, however, the Knotty Brothers ensure that quality wine is the number one priority by taking part in the process from tank to table.

Knotty Brothers now offers the Twenty 17 Vintage Pinot Gris as well as the Twenty 17 Vintage Rosé of Pinot Noir.

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For the full story of the Knotty Brothers and where to buy their products, visit the Knotty Brothers website. Please enjoy responsibly.