Shandy Season is Here!

With Memorial Day around the corner, it is time to break out those barbecues and throw a backyard gathering with all your friends and family. Summer is almost here, which means its almost shandy season!


What is a shandy, you ask? A shandy is a beer mixed with typically a citrus beverage, that is 50/50 beer and fruit juice (typically lemonade or lemon-lime soda). Who invented the shandy? The Brits are credited with this innovation. In British speak, they wanted an after work, summertime drink that didn’t leave you “wankered.”


You can make your own or buy them premade! Our premade shandies include Leinekugels Summer Shandy & Wallace Brewing Huckleberry Shandy. Both are delicious and refreshing for the summertime!


If you have the ingredients on hand, making a shandy on your own comes together in less than 2 minutes! Grab your favorite light beer such as Coors Light (it is best to stay away from IPAs or dark beers) and your favorite fruit juice or lemonade.


If you really wanted to pump up the mixing, you could add Simply Spiked Original as our citrus beverage choice! Other favorites to make yourself are Bitter Shandy (your favorite bitter beer), or Lager Shandy (your favorite lager beer).


Have a Great Summer! HAGS