New Brews to Watch out for Spring 2021

Many people look at January 1st as their time for new habits and a fresh start, but the beginning of spring is just as good of a time. There is so much change this time of year: our activities, our wardrobe, our social habits (anyone else go into hibernation in the winter?), and our taste buds. Goodbye stouts and winter ales, hello fruity and citrusy ales and IPAs.


With tomorrow being the first official day of spring 2021, we present to you some of our newest beer and cider products in our portfolio.

Payette Ales for ALS_2

Payette Brewing – Ales for ALS Uncle Bill’s IPA


“Enjoy this incredible IPA that features a special hop blend specifically for the Ales for ALS project that is loaded with big, tropical fruit flavor! Experience spicy hop character upfront then wonderful notes of papaya, pineapple, red berries, and slight citrus with grapefruit and orange peel. A well-balanced brew that is golden in color and hazy with awesome hop flavor but low bitterness.”

Firestone Walker – Mind Haze Double IPA


“Let your mind wander into Double Mind Haze—our juiciest, fruitiest, and haziest IPA ever, made for the maximum in tropical hop flavor.”

Modern Times – Caliban


“Fact: Nelson hops are super bomb. To that end, we’ll be applying them liberally—alongside some Crystal & Simcoe—to this Festivus miracle. We expect a profile replete with bright tropical fruit, berries, lemon, and crisp citrus that’s practically guaranteed to improve any holiday party it attends.”

Trap Door Sum Total Fruited Double IPA


“This is a special collaboration for us. We were honored to have Kyle brew here at Trap Door Brewing and now he’s off to fulfill his dream with “Kings & Daughters”. We couldn’t just part ways without collaborating on a beer. So Kyle teamed up with new Head Brewer Kevin Hanny and Brewer Jake Watt to create a delicious farewell beer that will definitely be missed when it’s gone! We brewed this beer with Strata, Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Sabro hops and topped it off with Mango, Papaya, and Passion Fruit puree. This DIPA is a fruit “slushy” bomb and will not disappoint. This beer does contain lactose!”

Ace Cider – Mango


“Is a blend of fresh Mango Juices and a tart, Semi-Dry Apple Cider. The best tasting Mangoes are grown near the equator in hot and humid climates, so we went straight to the source: Ecuador! You are tasting an important piece of ACE’s Exotic Fruit Cider range. Enjoy!”

Melvin Brewing – Juice Theorem


“Since its Alpine inception, the lab has always been an integral part of Melvin Brewing. Our team of rad scientists has now proposed a theorem: that clear IPAs can be just as juicy as their hazy counterparts. The evidence you hold in your hand is a testament to the crew’s skill in the art of zymurgy; a post-modern IPA full of bright juicy flavors, yet crisp and clean in the body and finish.”

pFriem Family Brewers – Bretta III


“Bretta III is a true boundary buster, with the kind of funky complexity that’s simple to savor. Notes of pineapple and kiwi conspire with an earthy effervescence that makes this dry-hopped beauty big and brightly delicious. Goes great with your favorite cheeses, spicy, Asian-inspired cuisine and everyday moments of joy.”