Kombucha: What Is It and What Do We Offer?

You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it in stores, but what is it?


Kombucha is a fermented beverage derived from tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. During the fermentation process, a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is placed in the sweetened tea mixture, which then converts carbohydrates into organic acids and alcohol. Fermented foods are full of antioxidants and probiotics, which improve immune function and aid in food digestion. So on top of being delicious, kombucha has proven health benefits.


Since it’s inevitable that during fermentation, the breakdown of sugar will result in traces of alcohol, all kombucha contains alcohol. However, commercial kombucha can be brewed with less than 0.5%, which meets non-alcoholic regulations set by the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau. That being said, some companies have started experimenting in hard kombucha, which is exactly as awesome as it sounds.


Originating in China around 220 B.C., Kombucha has been around substantially longer than many other modern favorites. So why is it only recently becoming a household drink? Many people attribute this growth in enthusiasm to George Thomas Dave, who began his own kombucha brand that we lovingly know as GT’s Living Foods (previously GT’s Kombucha). Today, GT’s Living Foods is the largest kombucha brand in the United States and has set precedent for all of our other kombucha favorites.

Kombucha Brands We Carry

Raised by parents practicing Eastern philosophy, GT Dave adopted a spiritual view of the world from a very young age. Gifted a Himalayan Mother SCOBY in the early ‘90s, the Daves were intrigued by Kombucha’s ancient healing properties and decided to brew their own batches of the fizzy, fermented tea.


In late 1994, GT’s mom, Laraine, was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of breast cancer. When she healed, Laraine shared with doctors that she had been drinking a very pungent, homemade tea. That tea was GT’s Kombucha.
Inspired by his mom’s experience, it became GT’s mission to make his Kombucha accessible for everyone, everywhere. At only 15, he began bottling his brew in the kitchen of his parents’ Southern California home and became the first to put Kombucha on shelves in the U.S.


GT’s Kombucha has stayed true to the authentic brewing process of this sacred elixir for over 20 years. Their #1 selling Kombucha is raw, organic, naturally effervescent, and handcrafted in small batches – always cultured, never compromised.


Now, under the new name of GT’s Living Foods, they’re proud to remain a family-owned & operated company. As they continue to embrace our innovative spirit, Mother Nature remains their main source of inspiration.

Since the company’s first days, a culture of inclusion and open communication has been cultivated by the founders and leaders of Humm. Jamie and Michelle believed that business could be done differently; that what would set Humm, then called Kombucha Mama, apart was enthusiasm for challenging convention and asking the questions, “What is possible?” and, “What if we treated staff and business partners with as much love and respect and honor as exists within the cherished relationship of mother and child?” They set out to do business in a way that was true to their vision of the world; a vision of peace, mutual respect, and equality. As Humm has grown, it has attracted a team of individuals who “get it.”


At Humm, every position and person is equally valued. We’re all in this together, and there is an overwhelming sentiment that every Humm-ster feels in which they know that their job is as important as any other job in the company. Everyone shares in each success, and everyone learns from every failure. Many new positions are filled from within the company, fostering a sense of continuity and opportunity.


Humm’s leadership reinforces the company’s philosophy with regular staff retreats and training seminars that not only offer Humm-sters new skills, but also teach them to recognize their own strengths and the strengths of their team members. Humm consistently promotes a culture of optimism to staff.

Clearly Kombucha is fully committed to the creation fo the most authentic, delicious kombucha possible. Clearly brewed to crisp perfection with a refreshing taste and low sugar content.


Back in 2009, Clearly Kombucha planted roots by testing home-brewed kombucha recipes, seeking to craft kombucha that was smoother and easier to drink than what was found in the stores. Batch after batch was brewed and shared with friends until they said: “This is it!”


The wellness beverage category is growing every day, in both the number of brands and the number of consumers. Clearly Kombucha prides itself on making real kombucha but crafted differently than other brands. Clearly Kombucha is brewed in the traditional, authentic method, with live cultures and mix of ingredients. It’s then filtered to remove all the dead yeast and bacteria cells. It takes more time and energy, but the end result is well worth the light, refreshing kombucha that is next level.

Good Vibes fermented tea is brimming with hard-working, friendly flora bacteria that supports digestive health, boosts your immune system, assists in cellular detoxification, and supports vibrant energy and overall health.


Good Vibes Kombucha Co. provides you a healthy, organic, and delicious alternative to the traditional tap beverage. Harness the powerful benefits of this amazing fermented superfood and feel the effects of Good Vibes Kombucha today!


Good Vibes Kombucha exclusively serves the Boise, ID community, and believes in sourcing all of our ingredients from Idaho farmers and businesses, supporting our local economy.

The WILD TONIC® story begins with an artist and her passion for innovation and creativity. Painter, Holly Lyman, worked with beeswax, an ancient medium known as encaustic, for many years until she discovered the art of fermentation. One day, her love of painting with beeswax transformed into working with honey, another labor of love created by the bees. As with many creative endeavors that sometimes spill into other forms of expression, Holly unexpectedly found herself fascinated with a rare ferment known as Jun. She brewed with this living culture day after day until several years and brew experiments later, WILD TONIC Jun Kombucha was born!


Today, the vision of creativity and innovation continues to influence the choices made as a company by bringing together a like-minded group of individuals that embrace change and growth and have a desire to make the world a better place. The WILD TONIC® team is not only dedicated to creating and sharing this innovative ferment with the world, but also to being proactive in the community and to bring awareness to bee conservation! There is a common thread of health, joy, and vitality that unites the people and our mission.