Happy Fourth of July! 4 Beers to Cheers Our Independence.

By Keegan Cantrell.


Beer and The 4th go together like a good PB&J sandwich, or spaghetti and meatballs, or socks and sandals… wait. Definitely not the last one. (Yet some people still seem to think this is an acceptable practice. I’m looking at you, cargo shorts cool guy dad!)


In the spirit of Independence day and the birth of our great country, here are some rock solid beers I have EXTENSIVELY tested my self many a warm day.


These are in no specific order of importance, since they’re all awesome, and I’m already biased. Enjoy!

  1. Founder’s All Day IPA


A beer that just won’t quit. Having clearly been frustrated with beers they felt they couldn’t drink all day, Founders went and created a session-able IPA so flavorful and satisfying I can’t believe it’s only 4.7%! (Even my snooty brewing friends can’t believe it.) It also comes in a 19.2 oz can! Righteous.

2. Montucky Cold Snacks


I think the can speaks for itself. BUT for those of you who want to be told why you should drink this, imagine PBR, but better flavor, same price, WAY better can. A light classic american lager that you can drink all day in the hot sun, or after crushing it on the mountain all day, which is where the need for this beer was born. Necessity is the mother of invention.

3. Corona/Negra Modelo

What can be said about the perfect Mexican beers that hasn’t already been said?

Whether you like it light or dark, you won’t be missing that sweet crispy sun drenched flavor with either of these bad boys.

Don’t forget the limes!

4. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

If you’ve never had a shandy before, but see them everywhere during the summer time, you can thank Leinenkugels for making it a household style. This beer inhabits it’s genre perfectly, and there is a reason they sell incredible amounts of this bright, flavorful beer every summer. Give it a try, you can’t go wrong when it even tastes like summer!

There are of course 100’s of eligible beers, but these are just a few of the old and modern classics that I couldn’t keep from rattling around in my head when I think BBQ’s and fireworks.


So have fun this 4th and remember, above all, don’t be an fool! Fireworks and beer are great together in very small quantities! If you’re doing the drinking, let someone else do the fireworks!