Craig Stein Beverage Raises Over 10,000 pounds For The Clark County Food Bank

By: Keegan Cantrell


Every year Craig Stein Beverage gets in the giving spirit and takes part in an annual food drive for the Clark County Food Bank.


This year was no different, and in typical CSB fashion, we went above and beyond bringing in over 10,000 pounds of food!


10,300 lbs. to be more exact.


That equates to 8,516 meals we provided for the community.


Giving back to the community is important for any company, and it’s exactly why it’s included in our mission statement.


This is our community and it’s all our responsibility to give what we can to worthy causes like the Clark County Food bank, to make sure that as few as possible go hungry each year.


There are 65,000 hungry individuals’ in Clark County who rely on the proactive organization and meal generating of the Clark County Food bank and its partners like Craig Stein Beverage to make sure those hungry are fed.


When people aren’t hungry any more they too can once again give back to their community.


It’s a cycle of support and it makes our community better.


So, next time you get a chance donate to a noble cause!


Trust us, there are few things that feel better than raising 8,500 meals for those in need.

The Team!
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