Winter Ales

Looking for the best brews to drink during the longest days of the year? Porters and Stouts have always been a classic choice for the colder months, but those styles can get boring or weigh a little heavy after a while. Here are some specialty holiday beers for when you are looking for something a little different.

21st Amendment Fireside Chat: Inspired by President FDR’s radio addresses to the nation, this beer is an English-style ale with spices and cocoa. The brewery describes it as being “like a kick in the butt and a hug at the same time”. This beer is 7.9% ABV to warm you through the winter chill. Only available November through December, so get it while you can. Available in the Boise area.

Deschutes Jubelale: A winter ale with spice notes and toffee malt character. A 6.7% ABV drink to enjoy as you cozy up by the fire. Not only is this a delicious beer, but the label art is also created by a different artist every year. Go to to learn more about this tasty seasonal brew and see past years’ label artwork. Available in the Vancouver area.

Stone Xocoveza: An imperial stout inspired by Mexican hot chocolate. This 8.1% ABV beer is complex and yet surprisingly smooth. What started out as a limited release as part of a homebrew competition has now become one of Stone’s most popular beers. Spices that are used include pasilla peppers, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The chocolate and coffee help to round it out turn it into a beer that reminds you of a warm mug of hot chocolate. Available in the Boise and Vancouver areas.

Black Raven Festivus: A holiday brew that uses cranberries, citrus peel and spices to remind you of the flavors of the season. 7.1% ABV and well-hopped to complement the citrus and berry notes. The beer’s name comes from an episode of Seinfeld in which there is a holiday for everyone to exercise feats of strength, air their grievances, and look for “festivus miracles”. The brewery also unconventionally releases it during the fall instead of during the holidays, so hopefully, some is still hanging around. Available in the Boise and Vancouver areas.

Written by Erika Thornton

Purchasing Assistant