Sierra Nevada Resilience Butte County Proud IPA

Many have been affected by the wildfires in California this fall. These fires have destroyed homes, separated families and friends, many have gone missing, and some have lost their lives to the fire. The thanks to those who are fighting the fires is unending. It is difficult to put in words just how grateful those affected are for those who are putting their lives on the line to fight the flames.

With the containment of the fire currently at around 70% and a hopeful end in sight to the destruction it has caused, the rebuilding can soon begin. For this, Sierra Nevada Brewing has announced that they will donate 100% of the proceeds of their Resilience Butte County Proud IPA to raise funds for those affected by the Camp Fire. Not only has Sierra Nevada decide to brew this beer in support of those impacted by the fire, they have established the Camp Fire Relief Fund where the proceeds of Resilience IPA will be donated to, but they didn’t stop there.

Sierra Nevada has asked for help from the brewery community, and they have answered the call to action. Sierra Nevada has asked for every brewery across the country to join them in their brewing efforts by brewing Resilience IPA and many have answered the call. The number of breweries has gone over the 1000 mark as of 3 pm 11/29/2018 and it is estimated that the number has grown to over 1200 breweries.

Mother Earth Brewing

Breweries from across the country have joined Sierra Nevada in their relief efforts, but it doesn’t even stop there. The support is coming in from across the Atlantic Ocean as brewers in Europe have pledged their support and the number of breweries offering support is still growing. Sierra Nevada is working with malt, hops, and yeast distributors to secure donations for the raw products used to brew the Resilience IPA and get them to those involved in the brewing relief effort.

Sierra Nevada says to look for Resilience IPA in late December. Sierra Nevada will be canning Resilience IPA and offering it on draft as well as on draft from the breweries who have offered to help them in their cause. You can find a list of the breweries involved in the relief effort by clicking HERE and look for Resilience IPA soon. Buy some for yourself and some to share because every dollar can help someone.