Von Ebert Brewing

Von Ebert Brewing

Portland, Oregon

Von Ebert Brewing opened its first location in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon in early 2018. A locally owned, independent Craft Brewpub with a goal of being an all-around world-class eatery that makes inspirational food and beer, Von Ebert was selected as one of NewSchoolBeer.coms “Most Anticipated Breweries of 2018.”

Von Ebert Brewing is owned and operated by Tom Cook, Dennis January, Eric Simko, and Tom S. Cook. The brewpub was named after Tom S’ Great Grandmother Ebert, who was the guiding force to the immigrant family when they came over from Germany to the United States.

Brewing on an American made, custom 10bbl brew house built by JVNW in Canby, Oregon, the brewery makes about 100 different styles per year.

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