Craig Stein Beverage would like to welcome Payette Brewing to the Idaho market

When it comes to making uncompromising, awesome beer, we go against the grain. We are passionate, rebellious, beer pioneers. We stick to our guns and venture down the road less traveled to make the best beer in the west. This isn’t just our livelihood, its our life and we’ve tapped into something good.

Mike Francis left the corporate life as an industrial engineer for Boeing Company in Seattle to engineer some industry of his own. After receiving an associate’s degree in Brewing Technology from Chicago’s Siebel Institute of Technology, followed by a stint at Schooner Exact Brewing in Seattle, Mike headed to his home turf of Boise in 2010 to establish Payette Brewing Company.

Craig Stein Beverage will be bringing you seasonal stand outs and year round favorites from this homegrown Boise brewery across the southern part of the Gem State. Find your favorite brew in stores and on draft at your favorite bar, grocer, or convenient store for a taste of the best the west has to offer. Also, be sure to visit Payette Brewing’s website here for information about their involvement in the local community and the Payette Forward Program.