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pFriem Brewery of the Year

2016 Brewery of the Year
2016 Top 100 Beers | #1 Beer of 2016| pFriem Frambozen
2016 Top 100 Beers | #6 Beer of 2016 | pFriem Wit
2016 Top 100 Beers | #35 Beer of 2016 | pFriem Pilsner

My first introduction to pFriem was through their Pilsner. A good friend of mine had selected a cornucopia of random beers we had not yet tried, the pFriem Pils being one of them, and brought them over for group tasting. (As he often does.) Being a graphic designer, he’s naturally drawn to bottle design, which is something we talk about often. I can say that pFriem has done right by that measure and branded up their bottles something fierce with a classy golden logo that jumps right off the bottle. The righteousness did not end at bottle design of course, and I was instantly blown away by the rock solid, snappy floral character that accompanied a normal Pilsner crispness. Not too sweet, it had all the trappings of a true pilsner with the added flair of a great northwestern brew. For a brewery that just celebrated its 4th anniversary, they command the prestige of one approaching 50. In fact, not only did pFriem snag 3 top 100 spots on The Beer Connoisseur’s annual top beers list in 2016, (Two “World Class” and one “Exceptional” distinction) but Brewery of the Year as well as the coveted #1 spot on the list with an instantly legendary “Frambozen,” a raspberry Lambic scoring one of only 4 – 99/100 scores in list history. No slouches themselves, the Wit (97 points) and my introduction to the brand, their German Pils (95 points) came in at #6 and #35 respectively. Hard to argue with that level of dominance. With only 4 years under their belt as an established brewery, it’s impressive to see that kind of success, but apparently pFriem doesn’t consider themselves an average brewery, and we commend that kind of vision. We certainly look forward to seeing what they accomplish next, and if you haven’t yet treated yourself to one of their exceptional brews, how many awards is enough for you?