54⁰40’ – Kascadia Kolsch Now In Cans! And Idaho! Righteous!

54⁰40’ has finally made its way to the great state of Idaho and to make it just that much sweeter, you can now pound Kascadia Kolsch out of a 12 oz can.


54⁰40’ or fight, 12: oz of phenomenal beer, 1: freakin’ sweet can.


The ingredients required to build the perfect Kolsch!


54⁰40’ Brewing has become a staple here recently in the greater Vancouver area on taps far and wide.


Hailing from Washougal Washington, just a stone’s throw from Vancouver, WA down highway 14 on the Columbia River, 54⁰40’ has been turning out true to form craft classics and good vibes since day one. (Not to mention some hilarious beer names.)


Lead by their fearless leader/brewer/owner Bolt Minister, the brewery has experienced some serious growth over the last year, due in part to one particularly righteous beer, the Kascadia Kolsch.

*Choir Ahhs*

Kascadia Kolsch

But seriously, this beer is fantastic and it’s finally made its way to a format we all know and love… Those sweet hand sized 12 oz aluminum cans.


54⁰40’ is all about the everyman’s craft beer, and the Kascadia Kolsch in a can couldn’t be more of an everyman (and woman’s) beer.


Kolsch has always been an approachable style for many beer lovers, falling in the much loved category of “crushable” beers.


The kind of crisp malty beer you can drink all day without missing the body and kick you want in a bigger sipping beer.


54⁰40’ achieves this in spades taking a solid pilsner malt and German yeast base and adding just the right amount of brightness and love to make it an engaging, satisfying beer that just doesn’t quit.


And for you Idaho-ans out there, we are happy to announce that 54⁰40’ has just arrived in Idaho with Kascadia Kolsch in bottles and cans, Broken record IPA in bottles, River Road Pilsner in bottles, and their new most excellent IPA Half Cocked in bottles as well.


So keep an eye out for the new cans and make sure not to miss your chance to try these most excellent northwest beers.

So how did they get the name?


54°40′ A bit of history


In 1844 the Oregon Territory spanned the modern states of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington, as well as the western coast of Canada up to the border of Russian Alaska. Both Great Britain and America claimed the territory.

President James K. Polk tapped into the public mood and the prevalent attitude of manifest destiny in the U.S. that called for expansion into Texas, California, and the entire Oregon territory. The northern boundary of Oregon was the latitude line of 54 degrees, 40 minutes. “Fifty-four forty or fight!” was the popular slogan that led Polk to victory against all odds.

Polk boldly declared to Great Britain that joint occupation would end within one year. The British were confident they could win, but by 1846 they were vastly outnumbered in Oregon by a margin of greater than six to one. In June of that year, Britain proposed splitting Oregon at the 49th parallel. Polk agreed to the compromise, and conflict was avoided.