40 Years of Merchant du Vin

The year is 1978 and a small importing company named Merchant du Vin began bringing ales from highly respected European Breweries into the United States. In 1978 there were fewer than 100 breweries in operation in the US when Charles Finkel founded the company.

At the time, if beer drinkers state side had not traveled to Europe, the chances of them knowing what a Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, or Trappist Ale was were slim. Merchant du Vin and Charles Finkel set a goal of enhancing people’s lives by introducing them to them to great beers from all over Europe.

Merchant du Vin didn’t want to take anything away from what beer drinkers in the US already enjoyed, but instead carve out their corner of the market and introduce consumers to the many different brewing styles. The rich history of beer brewing found in countries like England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands were known throughout Europe for using different brewing methods and materials as well as producing different styles of beers to meet or fit the seasons.

Introducing beers from these regions was intended to spark the curiosity of beer drinkers and the efforts that Merchant du Vin put in to making these beers available has had a dynamic influence. Without these European beers being introduced in the American markets, craft brewers today may not have been exposed to these styles that have brought us the craft beers we love today.

Thankfully  Merchant du Vin hs been dedicated to seeking out the bold and unique flavors and products and bring them to consumers who may have never gotten the chance otherwise.

For 40 years, the goal of Merchant du Vin has been to enhance people’s lives by bringing them the unmatched aromas and flavors found in these world class products. Cheers!!